Synonymous with quality

Efesto Ovens with the Lava Stone plate provide a better cooking, the thermal quality remains constant while ensuring a uniform cooking since the first batch.

Thanks to the Lava Stone, the quality and the taste of the raw materials used are exalted.

Our company

Efesto Forni Srl was born thanks to the experience gained since 1985 in the field of ovens and food&beverage and it produces and installs oven refractory materials and oven refractory insulation. We have a strong experience in this field - we have been manufacturing and selling professional gas/wood-fired ovens to pizzerias in Italy and all over the world for over 30 years.

Every Efesto oven was born from the long experience of the Italian craftsmanship and the use of materials of the highest quality. Each oven is constructed by hand entirely, in order to ensure strength and control of each element. It's made to last in time, to ensure the highest yield and maximum energy savings.

We produce wood-fired, gas or combined ovens with the high standards that allow our customers to work with extreme ease and with very low expenditures.
We create the real Made in Italy products, carrying out the production process in Verona, using certified and not imported materials. We always use refractory materials of excellent quality which ensure a higher yield by reducing energy costs (wood and/or gas), maintenance costs and optimizing performance. The Efesto ovens, moreover, can be distinguished from those of competitors for the superior thickness of the cooktop and domes.

We are careful about monitoring the market, therefore we dedicate every day to the research of optimal solutions for any customer needs, trying to produce innovative and competitive ovens, and thus obtaining products with undisputed performance.

Efesto Forni Srl guarantees fast delivery all over the world.